The NJMTA has agreed to refund the application fee for students who wish to withdraw from the virtual 2020 Piano Festival.

Please contact me by email or phone to make these arrangements.
Email:   Phone: 609-921-3412  (This is a landline. Do not text.)


From: Tomoko Harada, NJMTA President – Friday 3/13/20

Attention Teachers: We are currently making a withdrawal form for any teacher who would like to withdraw any students. The Deadline date to withdraw is March 19, 2020.  After this date, we will not accept any request as the chairperson will be busy with paperwork.

Thank you again for your cooperation and your understanding in this difficult time.


Tomoko Harada, NCTM


From: Tomoko Harada, NJMTA President – Friday 3/13/20

Dear Festival Participating Teachers,

Thank you to all teachers for your support and cooperation in adjusting to the special procedure implemented for the NJMTA Spring Festival event in this difficult time.

As this is our first time modifying the procedure, we are also learning and encountering more issues from my previous emails to you.

Despite the current turmoil situation, NJMTA still would like to encourage all students to participate in the Festival as this event provide musical growth through evaluation and encouragement.  Students still experience playing for a judge to receive an evaluation.

In order to give more time to prepare for the YouTube recording, we have again revised the procedure as follows:

·         We have combined two days of Festival to one day on March 29, 2020

·         We are extending all YouTube submission deadline date to March 27, 2020

·         Mail to and

·         Since we changed the date to March 29th, please include in the Email

student’s name, actual date of the audition, the student’s code and judge number

·         All judges will view and adjudicate links on March 29, 2020


From: Tomoko Harada, NJMTA President – 3/11/20


Dear Festival Participants,

Due to health concerns regarding the coronavirus, the 2020 Piano Festival will be run using performance links on YouTube.  

Students will receive comments and ratings only from judges.    

Please read the following instructions carefully.

1.      Students should record their performance on video and upload to a YouTube channel. YouTube provides directions on how to do this. The recording should have the student’s entire body filmed from a side profile.  The recording does not have to be professionally taped.

2.      Send the link to your video on YouTube. The subject line should include:

Code No., Student Name, Judging Time, Judge No. 

3.      Scan the music and attach to the same email.

4.      The YouTube link’s title should have name of the pieces and composer’s names. You may also type in the email content.

5.       The YouTube link can be two separate links since some judges do stop after first one to comment in a regular Festival judging.  Make sure to mark /type which link is for which piece.

6.      Emails should be sent to Festival Chairpersons, Cyenny Pasik and Shuling Juan to NJMTA email (just in case their personal address mail went to SPAM folder)

7.     We prefer the teachers sending YouTube links to the chairpersons.  Students can send an email to teacher and the teacher then forward to chairpersons. 

8.      The link MUST arrive by March 19, 2020 for March 22nd Festival.

The link MUST arrive by March 26, 2020 for March 29th Festival.

9.      The links will then be forwarded to assigned judges. 

10.      After the chairpersons receive all results from judges, certificates and awards will be sent out to each teacher or arrange pick up with the chairperson. 

I do hope that we have answered your questions. 


Tomoko Harada, NCTM

NJMTA President


PS – If students do not have YouTube account, please follow the steps.

1. Go to and sign in. If you don’t already have an account, create one.
2. Click the “UPLOAD” button at the top.
3. Either click on the “Select files to upload” box and select your video file from your device or drag/drop your video file into the box.
4. In the “Basic Info” screen, enter the appropriate title with the Student’s Name in the box where the filename appears.
5. In the box below the title, enter the names of the pieces in the order performed.
6. Click the box that indicates the video is appropriate for children under 18.
7. Change the privacy setting from “Public” to “Unlisted.”
8. Click “Done.”
9. When the video is finished, copy the URL and paste it into an email to the Festival chairpersons.
The recordings an be done at student’s house and upload to their YouTube link.